Who We Are

XdTech is comprised of a group of experienced researchers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about furthering dynamics and control education and research. Our firm belief in the potential of innovative research tools and devices towards stimulating fundamental understanding of core concepts has led to the development of a wide array of mechatronic devices - many of which are themselves products of active research.

Detailed information on our range of products and our core focus areas can be found on this site and the links below. We look forward to enabling your discoveries and innovative explorations.

Why Choose XdTech

Whether you are an academic looking for devices that inspire, challenge and educate your students; or a researcher searching for a robust testbed for modeling and control- our mission to deliver global access to high quality, affordable and novel mechatronic devices has enabled us to create systems that are a perfect match for your needs.

Educational focus

XdTech's mechatronic systems are designed specifically with the objective of stimulating insights as well as a deep understanding of dynamics and control, among students


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Superior quality

Every device is carefully designed and tested to enable its natural use over prolonged periods of time under laboratory/classroom settings subject to vibrations, temperature and power fluctuations.

This has led to zero reports of failures over a decade of operation.

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Exceptional usability

XdTech's products are designed to minimize set up time and are naturally well suited to allow their use as flexible research

This maximizes the time spent on research/laboratory learning rather than troubleshooting activities.

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Global adoption

Our aim of empowering education and research in dynamical systems and control worldwide drives us towards excellence in design - achieving unparalleled quality and exceptional affordability. This has led researchers across the globe to choose XdTech's products for education and innovation.

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